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Herbal Astringent Toner
Herbal Astringent Toner

Herbal Astringent Toner

After a good face wash, closing the pores with an astringent toner can dramatically improve and protect the skin. This is especially advisable for anyone with problematic or oily skin, as it helps constrict skin pores, reducing the amount of oils and buildup that may occur throughout the day. Briut Essentials’ Herbal Astringent Toner is a pore shrinking specialty; expertly crafted with a blend of astringent Herbal Extracts, along with the well know Witch-Hazel Extract. This combination of the astringent qualities of a toner and the specific actives selected to achieve such qualities, set Briut Essential’s Herbal Astringent Toner as the most relevant and useful toner, whenever tighter skin and problematic skin is concerned.

  • Helps shrink skin pores
  • Helps balance pH levels
  • Helps tighten and protect the skin
  • Uses safe and natural herbal astringents


Morning & Evening. We recommend for use on oily or normal skin.

  1. After cleansing with our Natural Rose Hip Cleanser, saturate a cotton ball with
    Herbal Astringent Toner.
  2. Apply to face in a circular motion. Avoid the eye area. For optimal
    results, follow with a Moisturizer to replenish




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